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So, let loose, laugh and be silly on this funny little date!First, you'll need a catchy name: Leah's Laugh Factory Cher's Comedy Club Jeanna's Joke House Hailey's Ha Ha Cafe Keep your "club" dimly lit (white Christmas lights help to create the effect) and always have upbeat music playing until Act 2.

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(I tried them..they're just as've just got to sit around your computer).

‘I was holidaying solo in Seville and feeling lonely so I decided to go to Madrid before meeting a friend in Portugal and for the first time I decided to check out some museums…’ ‘In Madrid? On the last day, a permanent exhibition I wanted to see had been replaced by a temporary one of Edward Hopper’s.’ ‘Ah, the “loneliness” artist.’ ‘How do you know – have you seen his paintings?

He was using Gay Pride weekend as an excuse to find out my relationship status. The Comedian had chosen a romantic restaurant overlooking the water for our date, but during the meal our different outlooks on life soon became clear: he is a fan of Eckhart Tolle’s The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment, while I’m a firm believer in planning ahead to get ahead and that remembering one’s favourite moment is a good way of thinking about what’s important to oneself; he enjoys holidaying alone (although he often feels lonely), while I think shared moments are the only way to holiday; and he’s had an ‘awakening’…

This is a submission blog geared towards helping LGBT people or people of other sexualities (not straight) to look for a potential boyfriend/girlfriend/partner. (I really like talking to new people and making friends etc.) Hey, I’m Molly.

All you have to do is submit a picture of yourself and search through the tags to find your..I’m Tegan, I’m 22, Australian & there’s a lot more to me than some awkwardly put together bio but cats, cuddles, girls and frozen coke are some of my favourite things.

I enjoy going to shows/concerts and hanging out with friends. #girl, #lesbian, #gay, #longdistance, #18to25, #25andup, #pacificnorthwest, #northeast, #southeast, #southwest, #midwest, #easterncanada, #westerncanada, #asia, #uk, #newzealand, #australia, #southamerica, #europe, #submission, Hello!

Im single and looking to hopefully find soneone to date. You can message me on here @xdivinexsorceryx or kik me at runaway_soul.

I always feel a bit of anxiety around the holidays, any holiday.

There is this pressure to Do something, be with others, go someplace, celebrate.

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