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WHY GO: Its easy to see why the Algarve is one of Portugals most popular holiday destinations.With golden sandy beaches, blue skies, excellent food and an enviable climate - Portugals sunshine region has it all, but venture a little...No experience in my life is ever going to be as bizarre as the day I spent with Prince at his Paisley Park retreat where he was found dead today.

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The rock legend showed me around his famous studio, treated me to a private performance, invited me to jam on stage in his private concert hall and threw a "party" just for me in his private nightclub.

Our interview, in July 2010, had been on and off for weeks.

Then I was suddenly phoned one afternoon by his manager in London and told he would see me as long as I could get to his fun factory, near Minneapolis... The manager then added firmly: "DON'T bring a camera, mobile phone or tape recorder - or it's all off.

" After a transatlantic dash, I was met by one of his backing singers, Shelby Johnson, waiting to drive me to Paisley Park - an address that was as synonymous with Prince as Neverland was with Michael Jackson.

I had envisaged a gothic purple palace at the end of a winding lane, but it turned out to be a huge white 70,000 square foot building, resembling an industrial complex, on a busy main road.

It looked like the last place you would expect to find Prince's studios, a concert hall and even his own private nightclub. It's great that it will be free to readers of your newspaper.

Shelby showed me into the lobby, kitted out in the style of a 1950's American diner and, before I had chance to sit down, Prince strode in, beaming, with hand outstretched. Where was the superstar entourage - burly security, manic PRs and personal assistants? "Hi," he said, "I'm so glad you could come." His voice was deeper than I expected, he was certainly small (5ft 2in at most), looked almost half his age, and was dressed immaculately, if oddly, in white silk trousers, flouncy green silk shirt, an ivory tunic and white pumps (which, I suspect, were stacked). I really believe in finding new ways to distribute my music." He explained that he decided the album would be released in CD format only in the Mirror in the UK.

He no longer trusted the record industry and there would be no downloads anywhere in the world because of his battles against internet abuses.

Unlike most other rock stars, he had banned You Tube and i Tunes from using any of his music and had even closed down his own official website. I don't see why I should give my new music to i Tunes or anyone else.

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