Configure automatic updating

Operating Systems and applications have a constant stream of updates.

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Although developers do create some updates in order to provide new features, squash bugs, or even just to freshen up the user interface, by far the most common reason for updates is security.

Developers are in a furious cat-and-mouse game with criminals who discover vulnerabilities in the OS or application.

Through these vulnerabilities criminals are able to gain access to users data, passwords, banking data, and even have full control over the computer without the users knowledge.

Most updates are designed to patch the vulnerability that allows for such penetration.

In order to prevent your computer from falling victim to these criminal attacks, it is vital to update both the OS and applications as quickly as possible.

US-CERTÂ strongly recommends that all computers update within 48 hours of the release of any patch.

In order to configure Windows 10 automatic updates, follow these steps: 1.

WSUS client computers require a compatible version of Automatic Updates.

WSUS Setup automatically configures IIS to distribute the latest version of Automatic Updates to each client computer that contacts the WSUS server.

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