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circumstance is that of having killed a woman with whom the person in question had maintained a marital relationship or a de facto union, whether publicly acknowledged or not, regardless of how long that relationship lasted or whether or not they have had one or more children.” The implementation of legislation on violence against women is overseen by the National Institute for Women (INAMU), which has a specific budget line for domestic violence prevention and treatment programmes.

On 13 August 2013, the judicial branch and the social security system signed an agreement to improve the process of collecting physical evidence in cases of rape, so that victims receive immediate attention.

Four locations in the country, besides the judicial forensic clinic, had rape kits to collect and analyse physical evidence for use in prosecutions.

(1995) prohibits sexual harassment in the workplace and in educational institutions, with a variety of administrative and criminal penalties depending on the nature of the offence.

Although Articles 2 and 34 set out equal rights and responsibilities between spouses regarding childcare and housekeeping duties, under Article 35, men are required to bear the principle expense of the family (i.e. This translates into practice as well, with decisions within the marriage reportedly less than equitable and, according to the latest Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW) report, “[t]he tradition that the men take the economic decisions for the household prevail[ing].” The Family Code also provides for equality in divorce (Articles 41 and 62).

Nevertheless, in the vast majority of divorce cases, custody of the children is awarded to the mother; the 2010 CEDAW report notes that in many cases, divorced or separated fathers fail to pay child maintenance or do not pay enough for the family to live adequately.

Under the Civil Code, women and men have equal inheritance rights upon the death of the spouse, providing that the marriage was legal; this applies to a common law marriage which is recognised under law after two people of the opposite sex have lived together for over three years.According to the Family Code, both spouses can initiate divorce.[12] In Costa Rica, women with the right to marry are often discriminated against economically in the wake of divorce or separation.This can take the form of the destruction of goods or property by the male partner, or property divestiture, which women are sometimes “obliged … in order to escape from an abusive relationship.” Legal protection for women against violence was further strengthened by the 2007 Criminalisation of Violence against Women Act, which includes acts of violence that were previously not covered by the Domestic Violence Act or by the Penal Code.These include restriction of freedom of movement, emotional violence, abusive sexual conduct, sexual exploitation of a woman, aggravated forms of sexual violence, defrauding a woman of community property, misappropriation of earnings from family economic activities and economic exploitation of a woman.The law also distinguishes between femicide and aggravated homicide and provides a term of 20-35 years for a person who kills his/her spouse or partner.As elaborated in the country’s latest report to CEDAW: “the difference between femicide and aggravated homicide is that, in the case of femicide, the …

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