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'mmmm lilt CHICAGO HOLLYWOOD DID IT FIRST In the beginning . GETS ’EM ALL As for coverage, Du Mont (jets 'em all — 09% of the nation’s television receivers are within reach of the Du Mont signal.

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Du Mont believes in television — with a young-minded singleness of purpose that bodes the best for sponsors. THIRTY-SECOND ANNUAL EDITION for mry projection need Amprosounu • Premier. silent or sound films, for film strips or slides — there is an Ampro projector to fill your exact requirements.

CUTS THE COST Du Mont continuous program research pioneers the way to larger audiences, smaller budgets. For more than 20 years, Ampro has been designing and build- ing quality projectors for every conceivable purpose.

Du Mont cuts the cost of television — labors to deliver more viewers per dollar. They have been tested and proved in millions of performances under the most rigorous conditions.

And that’s only part of the reason why — You ’ll got more out of television with the TELEVISION NETWORK The Nation’s Window on the World A DIVISION OF THE ALLEN B. A General Precision Equipment Corporation Subsidiary Amproiound Model "AA" 16mm.

High Intensity ARC Projector SEND FOR CIRCULAR giving full details and prices of Ampro models in which you are interested.

Also for FREE copy of illustrated booklets "Toward a Better World" (how churches are utilizing sound pictures) and "A New Tool for Teaching" (the story of sound films in the classroom) or "A Powerful Aid to Industry" (how industry can use sound films). These informative booklets will be mailed to you FREE, postpaid. Amprotlide 2" i 2' Projector Model *‘30-A M Amprotlide Dual Purpose Projector Model "SO-D” S^ on filrr, . Sefe,, m ” o„ AMPRO CORPORATION a 2865 North Western Ave. a Chicago 18, Illinois f T , His, the 32nd edition of The Film Daily Year Book of Motion Pictures, makes its appearance as the great American film indus- try it serves is resolutely engaged in chart- ing new courses to meet the requirements of economic changes both without and within. ☆ These and other developments are reflected accurately in the thousand-odd pages which follow to fully qualify the 32nd edition as the industry’s standard reference hook and ency- clopedic volume. ☆ The separation of exhibition from produc- tion and distribution, to the accompaniment of innovations in trade practices; the mush- rooming of the drive-in theater, the trend towards the so-called art house, the challenges of television — all these are domestic develop- ments influencing the industry in this year of grace, 1950. T-'T The departments and sections which long have been standbys reflect full and careful revision in consultation with established in- dustry authorities.

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