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A vital step of the process when crawling for expired domains, is validating domain availability, so I can be 100% certain that it’s available right now for hand-registration with any domain registrar.See the the complete list of 314 top-level domains supported by the domain crawler below.

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It’s near impossible at the moment for me to get reliable data for these domains, so I’ve implemented a “best-guess” methodology for these TLDs, which is between 60 and 90% accurate at the time of the crawl.

be br cat cz de dk fr / gr / it nl pl / / / / sk What about support for other geographic domains (cc TLDs)? Supported Domains: Domains with the following TLDs will be returned by the Domain Crawler, with 100% accuracy, at the time of crawl: academy accountants actor agency airforce army asia associates attorney auction audio bar bargains beer berlin berlin best bid bike bio biz blackfriday blue boutique build builders business buzz bz ca ca cab camera camp capital cards care careers cash catering cc center ceo ch cheap christmas church city claims cleaning click clinic clothing club club cm cn co codes coffee com community company computer condos construction consulting contractors cooking cool country credit creditcard cruises dance dating de de deals democrat dental dentist desi diamonds diet digital...

If you’ve found this page, it’s likely that you’re looking for a piece of software that will help you find expired domain names.

Expired domain crawlers are otherwise known as an expired domain spider, or expired domain finder – but they’re all the same thing and are built for the same purpose.

The following post aims at helping you understand how expired domain finders work, which I hope will help you find the right software solution to help satisfy your needs. An expired domain crawler is specific type of web crawler (or bot), designed for one sole purpose – and that is to discover broken links, and then establish whether or not those links are pointing at expired domain names.

Unlike other web crawlers, an expired domain crawler doesn’t actually index the web.Most crawlers will actually copy the source code of the web pages they crawl, which they’ll insert and index in a database to allow users to search their content more efficiently at a later date.Since the sole purpose of the expired domain crawler is simply to find broken links, and in turn find expired domains, once the page has been crawled it is simply removed from memory.How does an Expired Domain Finder (or crawler) work?There are many web crawlers available, some which will perform general crawling or scraping for you (like 80legs, for instance) and some specifically built for finding expired domains…and while they’re not all made equal (in my humble opinion) they all do use a similar method for finding the expired domains.Note: Most “real crawlers” will respect the file and stop...

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