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Although Marty Mc Fly is the show's main star and Jennifer Parker making occasional appearances, the show focused primarily on the Brown family, whereas the movies focused on the Mc Fly family.The film's villain, Biff Tannen, also appeared from time to time.In addition, relatives of Mc Fly, Brown, and Tannen families were plentiful in the past or future parallel time zones visited.

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At the end of every episode, Doc Brown would appear to do an experiment, often related to the episode's plot.

The first season also included post-credits segments with Biff Tannen telling a joke related to the episode, possibly alluding to Thomas F. The music for the intro is a re-created version of "Back in Time", originally by Huey Lewis and the News (who also recorded "The Power of Love" for the first film).

The intro begins with Doc Brown surprised when seeing the time on his watch, before he enters the De Lorean.

Back to the Future is an animated series for television based on the live action Back to the Future movie trilogy.

The show lasted two seasons, each featuring 13 episodes, and ran on CBS from September 14, 1991, to December 26, 1992, and reran until August 14, 1993 on CBS.

The network chose not to renew the show for a third season (citing low ratings It was the very first production of Universal Cartoon Studios.

Although the cartoon takes place after the movies, Bob Gale has stated that the animated series and the comic books take place in their own 'what if' and alternate timelines and are not part of the main continuity.

Following the conclusion of Back to the Future Part III, Dr. Brown settled in 1991 in Hill Valley with his new wife Clara, their sons Jules and Verne, and the family dog, Einstein, living in the same farmland where Clara lived in 1885.

As with the films, time travel was achieved through the use of a modified De Lorean, which had apparently been re-built after it was destroyed at the end of the trilogy.

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