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The receptionist looked up and smiled as Anne’s heels clacked across the terracotta flooring of the quiet hotel lobby. And, remember, no white bread.” “Of course not.” Georgina’s smile became even broader.

“Good evening, Miss Oakley, hope you are well.” “Yes, thank you Georgina, I’m fine,” said the blonde, stooping to place her briefcase on the floor and then hitching the long strap of her overnight travel bag firmly into place on her left shoulder. “Have a nice night.” Anne nodded, picked up her briefcase and headed for the bank of elevators.

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Inside room 504, Anne put her briefcase on the table under the window, lowered the travel bag to the floor and shrugged off her linen suit jacket and hung it up in the spacious wardrobe, taking time to study her reflection in the door-length mirror.

“Hmmm,” she murmured, fluffing up her hair and appraising the pearls at her throat, the white satin blouse that focused attention on the swell of her bosom and the black tight skirt which clung to the generous curve of her hips.

She kicked off her heels and, after taking her vanity case from the travel bag, walked in black stockinged-feet to the bathroom, where she cleaned her teeth and generally freshened up, concluding with a fresh coating of pink lip gloss.

Anne returned to the bedroom as a knock on the door heralded the welcome cry of, “Room service.” A quick check through the peephole and Anne opened the door, standing to one side as a young, bald black man wheeled a trolley over the threshold.

“Good evening, madam,” he said in a rich baritone voice and Anne firmly closed the door.

She walked behind him, admiring how his broad shoulders and back filled out his white shirt.He tapered to a slim waist and his buttocks were two firm peaches, stretching the material of his uniform pants.He pushed the trolley to the table and Anne, arriving at his side and peering at the name tag on his chest, said, “Would you open the wine, please, Darren?” Darren uncorked the bottle and raised an eyebrow in Anne’s direction.“Just a small one for now,” she said and watched as he poured, stopping with the wine halfway up the glass. “Mmm, that’s good,” she said, took a second sip and then placed the glass on the table.Darren stood attentively, apparently awaiting the customary room-service gratuity.

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