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Casual dating, going out with more than one person simultaneously, is hard to define.

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Most people feel dating should be done to search of a committed relationship, but many others feel it can simply be a pastime.

Debates about the meaning of casual dating often incorporate people’s vastly different beliefs and preferences regarding sexual behavior.

Some people might take relationships seriously from the first date, while others need more time to decide if the relationship is worth a commitment.

Most people seem to agree that casual dating is dating without any expectations.

The people involved might enjoy one another’s company or want to see each other again, but they are not planning a future together.

In casual dating, both people are usually free to go out with others.Whether or not two people who are casually dating have sex is up to them.Some people prefer to wait until they are in a committed relationship before being sexually intimate.Others have no problem being intimate without commitment.Casual dating allows you the opportunity to get to know new people, with an eye toward finding a partner.It gives you the chance to get to know multiple potential partners at one time.

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