Dating a girl with a purity ring

I Wore A Purity Ring, But No One Got It For as perverted as my introduction to purity culture and rings was during my teenage years, I think fondly of my purity ring and its continuing role as my husband’s wedding ring.But as a feminist a Christian, I straddle two conflicting worldviews on almost everything, but especially in the realm of marriage, relationships, and sexuality.

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The next few memories reflect on this gradual transition from pure-impure/virgin-whore dichotomies to a holistic understanding of consent, sexuality, expectations, and mutual love and respect.

Some of these exchanges are cringe-worthy in the same way looking at your teenage diary is, but then again, the two really aren’t all that different.

And while I appreciate where I’ve come from, I am even more grateful of how I’ve evolved and matured over the years.***At fourteen, I had never even heard of a purity ring.

Purity rings (also known as promise rings, abstinence rings, or chastity rings) are worn as a sign of chastity.

The practice originated in the United States in the 1990s among Christian-affiliated sexual abstinence groups.

Even though research suggests that purity rings are most effective when a child asks to take a purity pledge and wear the ring, it is often parents who initiate purity pledges.

Parents list many reasons for believing that purity pledges and rings are necessary: sex is dangerous and leads to sexually transmitted diseases; purity rings can help to prevent pregnancy; boys will often be assertive or aggressive when seeking sex from girls; young girls who have sex are often shamed, yet they are also pressured to have sex by many of their peers; and popular media often encourages children to have sex.

Despite these fears, some research suggests purity rings have little to no effect.

Under the Bush administration, organizations that promote abstinence and encourage teens to sign virginity pledges or wear purity rings have received federal grants.

The Silver Ring Thing, a subsidiary of a Pennsylvania evangelical church, has received more than million from the government to promote abstinence and to sell its rings in the United States and abroad. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) says that any further similar applications of Silver Ring Thing must be reported to ACLU and closely scrutinized for separation of church and state.

In 2005 the ACLU of Massachusetts brought charges against this decision, alleging that the Silver Ring program did not ensure its secularity and hence was ineligible for federal funding due to the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment.

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