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I feel like I was always the one who was more invested in the relationship.He is very guarded and emotionally unavailable and has past issues that he doesn’t want to confront.So my question is, how do I support him with that kind of a baggage as a friend now?

And how can I maintain my confidence and self-respect now and not get emotionally swept away again, like I did before?

If you’ve read my articles and newsletters, so I know you know that I don’t sugarcoat my messages.

As always, though, I want to make it clear that my biggest goal is to help you…

so if I come off harsh or very blunt at any point, it’s nothing against you personally.

If anything, it’s to bust through heavy layers of thoughts, beliefs, or ideas that are holding you back and actually causing the problems you’re concerned with.

So let me start off by saying that your question doesn’t strikes me like a woman asking about a male friend. I can’t imagine that you try to force your other friends to talk about stuff they don’t want to talk about.It strikes me as a woman who wants a second shot at romance and wants a guarantee that her heart won’t get broken in the process. Moreover, if it really is a friendship, you’re basically saying that you are friends, he wants a clean slate and you want to talk about emotions and baggage.For the sake of answering your question as you wrote it, though, let’s assume that you really are “just friends” with nothing romantic between you. In other words, you want to dump all the most unpleasant parts of a relationship on him (talking about difficult emotions, baggage, stuff he doesn’t want to focus on) without “relationship-only” type stuff like physical/sexual intimacy, exclusivity, etc. To be honest, this doesn’t really hit me like he’s the one with the baggage. if it’s not happening right now at this moment, it doesn’t need to be dealt with… Yes, maybe bad things happened to him in his past that effect him.In that case, why would you care if he has “baggage”? It sounds to me more like you are the one concerned with the past, you are the one who wants to bring it up, you are the one who wants to dig it out of its grave and breathe life into it again. Or maybe he just said they did as an excuse to avoid getting closer than he wanted to get. and guys deal with their business themselves, alone, away from everyone else.If he wants to talk to you about his past or any of his issues, he’ll bring it up.Not necessarily to discuss it, but rather so you can understand where he’s coming from.

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