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I began a more formal study of the subject with readings of more than 2,000 books and programs. Along the way, I’ve become one of the nation’s leading life & relationship coaches. My newsletter will come to you every week or so in order for me to share some of the secrets I’ve discovered and tips I’ve perfected over the years regarding how you can find the woman who’s right for you and create & sustain a fantastic relationship.

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Only thing you need is to find some knowledge that YOU RESONATE WITH and let it guide you. This website is created in order to SHARE my experiences and knowledge. These ideas, concepts, and beliefs helped me to create and enjoy truly amazing intimate life. How to expand the view on intimate life beyond the limited and hypocritical model modern society is trying to impose on us.

Certain level of courage and open mind are necessary prerequisites for exploring this website. Sexual intimacy: techniques, ideas, and tips I learned over the years to become a knowledgeable and giving lover and partner. Human sexuality: Things that keep us from achieving sexual abundance and happiness and how to overcome those.

Relationships: Among other things, I will talk about relationships and the possibility of opening them up.

This knowledge took my personal life to a totally new level.

Fortunately, times are over when our choice of an intimate relationship was limited to monogamy.

Today we can go out and try all kinds of relationship models. ) that generally offered relationship advice, sexuality-, and other solutions were not working?

I also felt that they were quite conservative and limited from my point of view.

They are some kind of temporary bandage that covers up the wound for a while but does not heal. Those who are ready will consciously choose their path and start living the lifestyle they want.

This was one of my dreams that were suppressed during teenage years.

It took me some work to set those dreams free again.

But I can tell you from the first-hand experience - the result is definitely worth the effort!

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