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Starting a dating site presents plenty of opportunities for online entrepreneurs and bloggers.

But getting a professional looking website, essential for both credibility and usability, can cost thousands.

It requires not only stylish graphics, but you'll also need a functioning site that allows you to update profiles, blog posts and other content - a massive undertaking for any web design agency.

Using the open source Wordpress platform, you can install and activate these themes in minutes, presenting quality website design and functionality at a fraction of the total cost of a web designer.

Our dating themes offer responsive layouts, designed professionally to give your site the most attractive aesthetic possible.

Profile functionality is built in to most themes, so it's simple to get your dating site up and running with these templates.

You don't even need to be technical to install these themes - once you've chosen and bought your theme, you can easily upload and activate your theme on your site through the Wordpress dashboard, keeping development and management costs to an absolute minimum.

Choose the right dating theme for your Wordpress site, and buy now to take advantage of these themes.

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