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The legend of the beautiful, kind, housewifely, virtually perfect women who are born, grow up and live on the territory of the Russian Federation is walking everywhere.

According to this legend, almost every woman dreams, just longs to marry a foreigner. The most interesting is that this legend is not so far from the truth.

Every year, from 4 to 6 thousand of Russian brides marry Americans.

In Russia women have a special attitude to foreigners since the Soviet times.

During the "closed curtain", then in the hungry and dashing nineties girls and women from different regions and virtually all ages were not against to meet a foreign prince and marry him.

With the development of the Internet and the emergence of a large number of online dating sites, the specialized sites also emerged - only for Russian women and foreign fiances.

It is worth noting that even nowadays when it became known that the life of Russian wives abroad is not so cloudless, that living abroad women face a lot of difficulties and problems, which often do not cancel the need to work and to be engaged in everyday life, "abroad" still attracts all Russian women.

They still dream of a beautiful fairy tale, and this, despite the numerous cases that the children are taken from the Russian mothers and they are deprived of parental rights, despite the stories that in other countries, it is difficult for women to adapt and adopt features of the local way of life and traditions.

The most difficult is to accept another faith, to get closer to the family and friends of a spouse, to learn the language, to get a more or less good work and so on and so forth - the list is huge.

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