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A friends list is not a list of people a member is corresponding with.

To be on a member’s friends list, you have to send them an invitation,which they can choose to accept.

It can also be the other way around: a member sends you an invitation and you accept it. That means that, if any Ukraine woman is on your friends list, you are automatically on hers.

You can delete any "friend"from your list by logging into your profile, going to "Communicator", then "Friend members", checking those you wish to delete andclicking "Delete from Friend List". On the other hand, T-Mobile and Cingular use more widely accepted GSM standard, so, those will work in Ukraine.

In USA: Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint use the older proprietary CDMA standard. Usually, you do not need a quad-band“world phone” as they call it.

In Ukraine the most widely used frequency is GSM 1800.

Most GSM phones offered on US market can operate onthis frequency.

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