Dating an extrovert insecure

In this first installment of a two-part series, he sheds light on the plight of the introvert leader.

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Jung described an extrovert as a person whose psychic energy is directed outward.

While most modern day psychologists do not believe in the existence of "psychic energy" per se, they agree that an extrovert is more focused on things external to the self - other people, exciting situations, and the like.

An extrovert may feel bored when alone and can typically accomplish more when working in a group.

Extroverts make up about three-quarters of the American population, and as such come in all stripes.

They zip through the world in search of novel experiences, social connections, and leadership opportunities.

Extroversion is a core factor of personality and is difficult to modify.But generally speaking, the only people bothered by extroverts' volubility and drive are the introverted members of their circle! The most intriguing findings on this issue come from twin studies.A pervasive assumption in evolutionary psychology is that how we act is affected by the genes we carry. A recent research study shows that people are able to make significant personality changes in just sixteen weeks.For example, people who wanted to become more extraverted tested as being higher in extraversion by the end of the study period.These changes can be measured by personality testing as well as behaviour changes. So urges Andy Johnson, the introvert, leader, executive coach, and licensed counselor who wrote Introvert Revolution.Johnson is leading the charge to eradicate the bias against introvert leadership.

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