Dating antique cutlery dating hyatt hotel kyiv

This would make a great gift as the condition and quality is ideal.

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Blades are a mix of the marks on the blades as per the photo.

This lovely set of 44 pieces of silver plated "kings" pattern cutlery is in very good condition with no wear showing through at all on any of the pieces. Kings EPNS A1 Sheffield England Silver Plated Cutlery Set.

International Military Antiques supplies the world’s foremost museums including the National WWII Museum and Natural History Museum of Los Angeles, multiple films such as SAVING PRIVATE RYAN and BAND OF BROTHERS.

Antique cutlery Under this specifications you can find knives, spoons forks.

Here you will also find spoons, knifes, forks, fruit cutlerys, fish cutlerys and salatcutlerys.

Often plated or silver and mostly it comes in the original box as it was sold it years ago.

Most items are gefrabiceerd early 1900 and in very good condition.

For the shipment of several items we charge shipping the Postl rate.

If you have any questions about the antique cutlery of Opti-Decó you may always call 003150-5497975 or email [email protected]

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