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Kami Huyse says that one of the complaints about blogs is that they just rehash the daily news.

So in the interests of offering some original content, here is my insider’s view of one aspect of the world of sports. A “Honeybun” is a nickname for athletes who are dating their coach.

We know a number of very successful coach-athlete marriages.

Shared common interests and a lot of time spent together can definitely help Cupid along.

Our concern is not with the coach who finds his/her special someone, but with the “serial daters,” the coaches who make a habit of dating athletes as they move through a program.

Some coaches even date more than one of their athletes at the same time.

In many ways, athletes find themselves in the same situations as employees.

Coaches control “pay” in the form of scholarships, training, and access to play time.However, the athlete has less power than an employee in several respects.Unlike most employers, coaches spend extended time with athletes, focus on their bodies, and travel with them.Transfer policies make it difficult, if not impossible, for athletes to escape an unprofessional coach without sacrificing their athletic careers. The vast majority of coaches handle their role very professionally. Athletic administrators, athletes, and coaches need to be aware of the signs, and do what they can to maintain a professional working environment. Socially Challenged There are reasons why a coach “picks on” certain athletes and not others.Honeybuns are often inexperienced and socially immature–they haven’t dated much and they don’t get along well with peers.If their parents are divorced or distant, they may be looking for a new authority figure.

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