Dating bad boy

I'll admit I've dated my share of bad boys and wrong-fits.

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I continued to spend time with him and I took a different approach. I acted like my inner confident girl even when I didn't feel so confident. I became a junior high girl all over again -- high on the simple things..

Keeping that stand-up-for-myself attitude and posture seemed to really resonate with him, too. Like many girls I've been fed Disney princess movies and romantic comedies.

The plot lines in those movies had seeped into my psyche and I realized that my ideal dates became things like hot air balloon rides and gazing into each others' eyes while a love ballad played.

Welcome to the real world: I was being terribly unfair to men, requiring out of the ordinary effort -- all the time.

Once I had that realization I started to check myself more often.

I stopped myself from spiraling into anger when my man didn't show up with a dozen roses on a Tuesday night.

I can't believe I'm going to describe my love as a treasure, but hey, there's still the romantic girl inside of me. He is confident and never competes with me or cuts me down -- which has been a problem in past relationships. These are not traditional words that surround passion, but It created a different kind of enduring passion.

Once I stripped away my idea of what the perfect relationship should be and took responsibility for my own mistakes, a relationship developed that was beyond my best dreams. It is a treasure because it is a surprise and priceless.

I could have never predicted the beauty of a completely patient and respectful relationship.

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