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Vadim’s glamorous new girlfriend let her in, thrilled to meet the movie icon at last. The star of Julia, Klute and The China Syndrome had come to do her laundry.

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Hayden had a grandiose fantasy of becoming President of the United States — and Jane was determined to make him famous.

To that end, stories about ‘Tom and Jane’ would appear in the Press — it was never ‘Jane and Tom’ because Hayden insisted on his name coming first.

To the despair of her brother Peter and daughter Vanessa, who both loathed Hayden, she allowed herself to be belittled for years.

‘I simply didn’t think my ideas or feelings were as important or credible as his,’ she confessed later.

After deciding to leave Vadim, she’d cast around for a worthy cause.

It was Marlon Brando who pointed her towards the American Native Indians, who were complaining of discrimination.He also told her to check out the Black Panthers, who believed in combating police persecution with violence and revolutionary fervour. Fired with zeal, she flew to San Francisco to support the takeover of Alcatraz, a former federal prison that the American Native Indians wanted to turn into a cultural centre.Far from helping, Fonda was creating problems; furthermore, they didn’t want to be identified with a star who seemed out to get publicity for herself.Finally, an Indian leader quietly informed her that she couldn’t be their spokesman — she simply didn’t know enough about the long history of white oppression.For them, she opened her chequebook, paying a ,000 phone bill, lending them her credit card and posting bail for Panthers who’d been arrested.The Panthers promptly charged a car to her Visa card — then lost both the car and the card.

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