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There are plenty of articles on what it’s like to be a foreigner in China.

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What’s it like to be a fully Westernized ABC (American-Born Chinese) and how does our experience in China differ from that of, you know, “foreign”-looking foreigners living here?

Based on my own experiences, I have identified several pros and cons to being an ABC in China.

In the two years that I have lived in China, I’ve had my wallet stolen twice.

My white Canadian friend, on the other hand, had his cell phone pick-pocketed six times in eight months.

Thieves frequent public places, especially overcrowded ones like clubs and rush-hour metro stations.

They scour their surroundings for easy prey, and nothing screams easy prey like a white person: they’re rich (from a Chinese POV), unsuspecting, and generally can’t speak Chinese well enough to get the thieves in trouble.

Luckily, ABCs can camouflage in with the local Chinese, especially if they’ve lived in China for a few months.

I once went to a theme park with a group of friends.

Among us was a British girl with flaming red hair and light freckles all over her face and arms.

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