Adult free dating web site - Dating college athletes

The truth of the matter is that they are simply focused on staying in shape and doing well in what they do.

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Spending lots of time, having a similar set of needs, and nearly identical schedules makes it very easy to click.

Just because his or her friends are all from the team, it does not mean that you as a romantic interest cannot enter the picture.

It also means that you can have the same amount of fun as with anyone else.

While I do not mean to bring back the corniness of 80s romantic comedies, or try to argue that some movies of our time have gotten it right, I must divulge that I think it is a necessary rite of passage.

After all, we are exposed to so many different people in our lives, and while some seem great for us on paper, others turn the dark on fire.

For some students, this experience involves dating athletes.College athletes do not come in one shape, size, or personality. Most students assume that student-athletes are a combination of the varsity athletes from the high school halls and their professional counterparts.The only truth in their schedules, otherwise, there is no one persona, nor one Olympic career goal.Dating an athlete, of the most part, is just like dating anyone else.The distinct differences seem significant, but they are simply in the details.The one great assumption that people make is that student athletes think they’re better than everyone else.

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