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It would probably be an understatement to say that dating is an important part of a teenager’s life.In one study, researchers found that high school students consistently rated the time spent alone with an opposite-sex partner as the time when they were happiest and most satisfied with life.Therefore, as parents, how can you tell if your son or daughter is ready to date?

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Greg was returning home from college for the holidays and wanted to double-date the following weekend.

Since I had never been on a date, I emphatically tried talking him out of the idea.

However, because of that “older brother” thing, he talked me into it.

Sometimes clear communication in discipline takes the written word.

Below is a parenting contract for your personal use with your teens. Please feel free to use as it is or make it your own.

I know being allow to go out on dates is a privilege.

I respect that my parents love me and want to keep me safe.

My parents respect that I am becoming a young adult and want the privilege of dating openly.

Wouldn't it be nice if there was some sort of contract we could sign with all the rules laid out in black and white so it would be easier?

Maybe a contract like the one found on the floor at a middle school between two 8th grade students.

This smart tween decided to lay out the rules, and it seems her beau signed it willingly.

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