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I'm no expert, but dating is something I've done, and actually done well.It's different from having a boyfriend or girlfriend -- it's the preamble, when you're getting to know each other and deciding if maybe, one day, y'all want to be exclusive.

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In my 20s, a lot of my friends got embedded in long-term relationships (LTRs), but I got a different education.

I missed the master lessons on "how to not throttle your partner when you come home and the garbage is still a festering mess and that was the ONE THING you asked her to do this morning," but I got the community-college equivalent in "how to feign interest in someone's boring hobbies just so you can get through the end of this glass of wine and then fake an emergency and leave."If you're lottery-winner lucky, you'll meet potential dates everywhere: in line for the gas station cashier, at the yoga center, skindiving.

Most people, however, rely on more traditional methods of finding a date, like creating an online dating profile, getting friendly with a co-worker, or asking their friends to introduce them to that hot brunette from their Christmas party.

More young people are meeting through Internet dating, often with an emphasis on serious, rather than casual, relationships.

It's helpful to remember that folks you meet online are basically blind dates. That's actually the whole point of a date: for you to go out and have some fun with a person whose underwear you might want to see later on.

Try not to be too hard on them, or yourself, if you don't find The One on your first trip out. For some reason, people have decided that "date" equals "dinner." Dinner is boring!Follow the three golden rules: always spellcheck, post accurate information (guys, I you're not 6'4), and don't send pictures of your sex organs to strangers on the Internet. Take your date to the dog park and look at the puppies. Rent a paddleboat, browse in bookstores, get a vegan cupcake, watch a fire dancer.Fight the urge to drink loads to avoid awkwardness.Do stuff that interests you, and your potential suitors will be forced to a) bring their A-game and b) bust out the stuff that interests on date number two.What sounds more enticing: dinner and a movie, or, "Hey, do you want to get falafel sandwiches and then go bowl a few frames?I know this bowling alley that serves crazy strong drinks." The subtext there is, "...

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