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But it did present an interesting flood of emotions, insecurities and questions around dating.To that which I can say I’m thankful to have experienced.

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Earlier this morning I was inspired to do this podcast and I want to have a little fun with it. So on this show it was interesting because I got to thinking about it and there’s a lot of things that happened on Rock of Love or things that I went through or feelings and emotions I experienced that directly link to modern time dating. I came up with three – three different thoughts around this and three different things that I personally took from Rock of Love that can actually be directly related to reality dating in the real world and not reality TV dating. But sometimes it has kind of some of the same situations going on. ” And I don’t know about you guys but my personal definition of dating is that I am seeing somebody exclusively and I am only seeing that person and I am trying to figure out if they are a life partner for me.

It’s not something I’ve talked about before but hell let’s just bring it to the surface. First of all, when I was on the the show I would get a lot of people who were like, “Oh my gosh, Mia. Now when people were asking me, “Oh my gosh, how does it feel to be dating Brett Michaels?

I got a lovely message from some of my girlfriends in LA this morning and for some reason they will never, ever let me live this down. ” my first thought was, “Well, I’m not really dating him.” I mean according to my definition of dating I’m not dating him.

During a recent interview with Seattle radio station KISW, Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor dropped a hilarious bomb.

The singer was apparently asked to replace Poison’s Bret Michaels on VH1’s 'reality' dating show, “Honestly, I was sitting there…

I was, like, [trying to figure out] who in their right mind thought I was the perfect dude for ‘Rock of Love 12′ or whatever the hell it was. There’s some stupid people [who] were given the keys to the kingdom.“I was talking to my manager. What conversation were they having where they went from one end to me?

And I was just, like, there’s some idiots in this business. How the hell did you get to me and thought that I would be down with that?

’ At first I was pissed, and then I just started laughing my…

Some of you may or may not know that I was on the first Season of VH1’s Rock of Love, which first aired almost a decade ago.

Still, I’m asked about it on a plane ride, or in the comments section of the ‘Rock of Love – Where Are They Now’ blog articles.

Despite the less than classy reputation it received, I was able to experience the reality of dating one man who is also dating multiple others while all living in the same house. Clearly this isn’t the normal way of dating, unless you’re Hugh Hefner, of course.

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