Dating game grassroots

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A love simulation game where you can experience and enjoy asweet love story with a Prince !

If you like Cinderella Stories, give this game a try, you'll loveit♪One day, you are suddenly asked to become the temporaryinterpretor of a foreign prince visiting Japan.

Between Japan and your prince's homeland, how far will this lovefull of troubles lead you ?!

Overcome all troubles and obstacles,the only person who can make this love grow is you!

With which prince would you like to have a secret love story?

◆Character's Profile[Prince Edward]First Prince of United Kingdom of Orlando.

He looks like a bullish prince, but will he let you see his realface?

"I don't need any land or titles""The only thing I want is your heart"[Prince Rene]Second Prince of the Principality Marshall.

He can get everything he wants with his cute smile.

A free and unrestrained young prince, but he shows his true faceonly to you?

"I didn't know it was so thrilling""to fall in love with somebody"[Prince Assim]Prince of Asham, federal government. What's the reason of his visit hidden behind his gentle smile?

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