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Sometimes being a nail blogger gets you all sorts of random connections.This is a great example about how the world of nail polish and nail art overlaps with all manner of other industries.

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The premise of their site is that you can trust your potential dates more easily because every profile is created with a video, so none of those awkward scenarios where your date looks exactly like their profile photo…plus a decade and a beer belly.

Without too many personal details, I have first hand experience of online dating, so I know that it can be nerve wracking even without worrying about how honest your date might be about their appearance, age or, erm, strange proclivities.

Knowing that every other user has made a video specifically for Tickr and can’t just pull out their better looking mate’s profile picture has got to be reassuring.

When I was asked to flex my sadly underused nail art skills to create some fun designs for Tickr I jumped at the chance.

Their bright and clean branding, and the romantic nature of their business provided tonnes of inspiration.

This first design is based on their use of bold borders on the website, and their two bright branding colours.I used Cyan Blue & Shocking Pink, over Matte White, topped off with Barry’s Matte Top Coat. Whenever I think of heart nail art I instantly go to this technique.The base here is Gelly in Coconut and the hearts are Bright Red, Coral and Flamingo Pink. Some nail art techniques I really get along with but using a brush to draw designs is not one of them!I used Coconut Gelly for the base, stamped hearts with Shocking Pink, topped with Iridescent Pink glitter polish.Before drawing the TICKR letters on each nail I applied a coat of matte top coat.I tend to find that the nail art pens can react a little like oil on water when used over a gloss polish but the matte finish makes it an absolute dream to apply.

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