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1) John is standing in line waiting to punch the time clock at the end of a long, hard day.

Jack, one of the older workers, crowds in front of him saying, “Watch out, sonny, I belong at the head of the line!

” After this Jack and John refuse to work together and this interferes with line productivity.

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Betty wants to stop for a drink before clocking out. He is responsible for keeping good will between the bureau and its customers.

Jane does not think this is right and reports Betty to HRD but wants to remain anonymous. 4) As Art is pulling out of a customers drive, he scrapes the fender of a car parked on the street. When he answered the telephone one day, a man’s voice demanded to talk to the head of the office.

Instead of stopping, he pretends it never happened. Bob told him that he was not in the office and asked if he can be of any help. This is not the first time Bob has done this and the manager wants to talk with Bob about his behavior with an HRD representative present. 6) As the HRD employee, you are responsible for employee training at a company in the US.

Bud, who is riding with Art, asks him to stop so they can find out whose car it was. The man answered in a loud voice, using abusive language. Recently, following a company-wide training session, it became obvious that a number of employees did not understand much of the training.

You realize that the employees are struggling with company correspondence and other documents written in jargon or obscure language.

This makes it especially difficult for non-native speakers of English to comply with written instructions and company policy, and you suspect that many documents are written at a level that even native speakers do not fully comprehend.This scenario may require services never offered before, and the company’s not sure where to begin.You talk with the manager of the non-English speaking employees and he gets very angry and tells you that anyone living in the US should know English or go back where they came from. 7) The HRD office has received a call from an American high tech company needing assistance with a group of employees in Bangkok.These employees are Thai engineers working for the company.The engineers are well educated and understand ninety-five percent of the spoken English used in the workplace.The engineers do not actively participate in team meetings.

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