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You'll need your income details to use the If you receive Working for Families Tax Credits from us, we'll send you a form at the end of the tax year, which shows your family details that we've used to calculate your Working for Families Tax Credits entitlement.

Within 30 days we will send you a letter explaining what we need from you.

Interest earned on refunds Correspondence from us about your return or refund If you received an inquiry letter and responded, it may take several months to get your refund to you.

It takes more time to review a complicated return or one that has missing or inaccurate information. If your refund was denied and you now have the required documentation: If you want to respond to your notice or provide us with additional information online, see Respond to your notice or bill online.

A personal tax summary (PTS) is for salary and wage earners and shows your income and tax deduction details for the year.

These details are based on the employment, pension or benefit information provided to us each month by your employer or payer.

Your PTS tells you if you've: Adjusted net income includes interest, dividends, Māori authority distributions or income as a casual agricultural employee or election-day worker.As at 1 April 2014 adjusted net income also includes any income adjustments which are provided on the notice.We send your PTS in July because we need to first process all the employment details that your employer sends us at the end of the tax year.Some people who don't automatically receive a PTS need to request one in August. If you are not required to file an IR3 return, we will use your salary/wage details we already hold and any additional information you provide to work out if you're due a refund or have tax to pay.If the result is a refund you can also request and confirm your PTS in your my IR account.If you're not registered for my IR, register now to use our personalised calculator or you can use our non-personalised for tax years 2013 and before. If you request a PTS and it calculates that you have tax to pay, you'll have to pay the amount shown.

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