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When you’re a nice person, conflict can be a real challenge.

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The secret to effective handling of conflict is assertiveness—that delicate place where you get your needs met without bullying the other person into submission.

Assertive people strike a careful balance between passivity and aggression (that is, they never lean too far in either direction).

It’s easy to think that nice people are too passive.

While that’s often true, unchecked passivity can boil over into aggression.

So there are plenty of very nice people out there who have exhibited both extremes of the assertiveness spectrum.

To be assertive, you need to learn to engage in conflict. Sometimes it’s hard to muster the motivation to speak up when the likelihood is high that things will turn ugly.

Healthy conflict directly and constructively addresses the issue at hand without ignoring or trivializing the needs of either party. The fastest way to motivate yourself to act is to fully consider the costs of not speaking up—they’re typically far greater than not standing up for yourself.

The trick is that you need to shift your attention away from the headache that will come with getting involved to all of the things you stand to gain from your assertiveness.

Say “and” instead of “but.” The simple act of replacing the word “but” with “and” makes conflict much more constructive and collaborative.

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