Dating on the net

Or, you may feel that not telling a date about your cancer may feel dishonest or insincere.If so, you may prefer to tell a new partner before a relationship becomes serious.Before sharing, consider how you would feel most comfortable doing it.

Others may choose to show scars or other body changes associated with cancer and its treatment.

And others may prefer to express their fears and concerns through humor.

Some issues to consider mentioning in conversation include: Learn more about talking with a partner.

Single adults with cancer often experience physical and emotional changes during and after cancer treatment.

These may affect their dating and sexual relationships.

It’s normal to have fears and concerns about dating and sexual intimacy.However, these concerns should not keep you from pursuing relationships.If you are struggling to start new relationships or you are anxious about dating, consider these options: People’s preferences about when and how to share their cancer experiences differ.You may feel that talking about your diagnosis and treatment is too personal to share immediately.Or, you may worry that it could scare away a potential partner.You can wait until the development of a mutual level of trust before sharing your story.

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