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(EDLS 510, lecture on 9.03.11) It was a motivation for people and so church became the first educational institute, house of knowledge.

But Finland is not the only one country with the Lutheran values and viewpoints; there are still some of them in Europe.

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People say that one of the factors can be the prestige of this profession and the following high level of teacher education.

I suppose that respect to teachers began from the Lutheran reform.

Even nowadays the Church plays an important role in the society.

The birth of the Finnish education and the impact on him the Lutheran Church.

Degree of teacher education and its impact on student outcomes. Programme for International Student Assessment and the success of Finland in it.

March, 2011 Institute of Educational Leadership University of Jyvskyl Quality is not accidental is a very famous Jukka's saying in our department. The results what we see, the statistics, diagrams, tables and figures will not tell us about the work behind them.

All these is the outcome, consequence or just statement of fact, but quality is what happens before it, the process and time.

In order to understand the Finnish success in PISA one needs to go to details, to history, country's curriculum, people's values, system of education, to understand its peculiarities and many other factors.

It is impossible to take one of these components, introduce in another country and expect great changes; all of them in summary give this success.

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