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One of the great pleasures of travel is observing – and learning from – the locals.

Here’s a selection of awe-inspiring rituals from around the world, that feature dancing, theatrics and a little sacrificial slaughter.

The rites are still enacted in the villages south of the Bulgarian capital Sofia, and are easy to catch if you know when and where to go.

January 14 is the big date in the Pernik region, where each village has a troupe of kukeri or “mummers”, charged with cleansing the community of evil and ensuring fertility in the coming year.

Seen from the rugged heights of Hangman’s Rock, the scale of the pageantry is breathtaking.

Column upon column advances across the cattle-cropped sward onto the parade grounds of Ludzidzini, the Queen Mother’s royal village, before dissolving into the pulsating mass of bodies already assembled there.

Panning out towards the horizon you see still more arriving, snaking like huge, multi-coloured millipedes over the contours of the Ezulwini Valley.

Soon you are down among the spectators on the valley floor, where at close quarters it all becomes rather more real. Bare-breasted girls stamp and sway in step, anklets rattling, as the confusion of colour and flesh blurs into a chanting kaleidoscope.

Ahead of each column strides its warrior escort, adorned with cow tails and clutching knob-stick and shield.

His glance is contemptuous of cameras, although the girls behind him seem to be taking things less seriously: there is giggling in the ranks, flashed smiles and shared jokes.

It’s Swaziland’s biggest holiday, and after seven days of tramping the hillsides, cutting reeds and camping out, they’re determined to enjoy the party.

From the direction of Taos Mountain, which stands beyond the soft edges of the ancient pueblo, you hear a distant drone. The muffled drumbeats grow clearer, now accompanied by the rhythmic shimmer of bells.

The waiting throng forms a border around the pueblo’s sacred dance space, instinctively giving prime spots to residents of this thousand-year-old settlement.

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