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If All Just War Criteria Were Met War Still Wouldn't Be Just Just War Theorists Do Not Spot New Unjust Wars Any Faster an Anyone Else A Just-War Occupation Of A Conquered Country Is Not Just Just War Theory Opens the Door To Pro-War Theory We Can End War Without Waiting For Jesus Who Would The Good Samaritan Carpet Bomb? But no just pre-war conduct, in the view I lay out below, can justify the decision to launch a war.

Examples of Just War criteria (to be discussed below) are: right intention, proportionality, a just cause, the last resort, a reasonable prospect of success, noncombatants' immunity from attack, enemy soldiers respected as human beings, prisoners of war treated as noncombatants, war publicly declared, and war waged by a legitimate and competent authority.

Ambrose opposed intermarriage with pagans, heretics, or Jews, and defended the burning of synagogues.

Augustine defended both war and slavery based on his ideas of "original sin," and the idea that "this" life is of little importance in comparison with the afterlife.

He believed that killing people actually helped them get to a better place and that you should never be so foolish as to engage in self-defense against someone trying to kill you.

Several weeks back I was invited to speak this coming October at a U. As had never happened before, the event organizers not only said yes but actually found a war supporter willing to take part in a public debate. I thought, this will make for a more persuasive event.

As I often do, I asked whether the organizers couldn't try to find a supporter of war with whom I could debate or discuss the topic, thus (I hoped) bringing in a larger audience of people not yet persuaded of the need to abolish the institution of warfare.

I read my future interlocutor's books and papers, and I drafted my position, arguing that his "Just War" theory could not hold up to scrutiny, that in fact no war could be "just." Rather than planning to surprise my "just war" debate opponent with my arguments, I sent him what I had written so that he could plan his responses and perhaps contribute them to a published, written exchange. Meanwhile, I have just published as a book my argument that war is never just.But, rather than respond on topic, he suddenly announced that he had "professional and personal obligations" that would prevent his taking part in the event in October. But the best event organizers ever have already found a replacement. You can be the first to buy it, read it, or review it here.Part of the reason for advancing this debate now is that back on April 11-13th the Vatican held a meeting on whether the Catholic Church, the originator of Just War theory, should finally reject it.Here's a petition you can sign, whether or not you are Catholic, urging the church to do just that. Civil War Was Not Just War On Yugoslavia Was Not Just War On Libya Is Not Just War On Rwanda Would Not Have Been Just War On Sudan Would Not Have Been Just War On ISIS Is Not Just Our Ancestors Lived In A Different Cultural World We Can Agree On Just Peace Making ***** Here's the first section: WHAT IS A "JUST WAR"?An outline of my argument can be found in my book's table of contents: What Is A Just War? Just War theory holds that a war is morally justified under certain circumstances.Just War Theory Facilitates Unjust Wars Preparing for a Just War Is a Greater Injustice Than Any War Just War Culture Just Means More War The Distinction Does Harm Some Just War Criteria Are Not Measurable Right Intention Just Cause Proportionality Some Just War Criteria Are Not Possible Last Resort Reasonable Prospect Of Success Noncombatants Immune From Attack Enemy Soldiers Respected As Human Beings Prisoners Of War Treated As Noncombatants Some Just War Criteria Are Not Moral Factors At All Publicly Declared Waged By Legitimate And Competent Authority The Criteria For Just Drone Murders Are Immoral, Incoherent, And Ignored Why Do Ethics Classes Fantasize About Murder So Much? Just War theorists lay out and elaborate upon their criteria for the just beginning of a war, the just conduct of a war, and—in some cases, including Mark Allman's—the just occupation of conquered territories after some official announcement that a war is "over." Some Just War theorists also write about just pre-war conduct, which is helpful if it promotes behaviors that make war less likely.

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