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Taiwan's drivers have no regard for their own lives or anyone else's. There are at least two convenience stores on every corner. Most males will have no trouble finding girlfriends.Caucasian male foreigners are appreciated, even sought after, and you will see many Taiwanese female/foreign male relationships.

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Whether you have trouble with parents is really between them and you and seems to be more dependent on particular circumstances than culture, though in general foreign husbands are not easily accepted.

I get along very well with my Taiwanese in-laws and did so from the start, but I know foreigners who have taken years to get accepted.

It's no picnic to marry a foreigner, but it can be immensely rewarding. How about their utter lack of sexual power, for starters?

Two of my students, boyfriend and girlfriend, pose at a local university.

China traditionally has not suffered from Western attitudes about the evils of sex absorbed from idiotic Judeo-Christian eschatological and religious teachings.

In the last century missionaries arrived during a relatively puritanical period, and happened to mesh with then-current attitudes.Authoritarian rule has given way to personal freedom, and the field of sex is no exception.Local convenience stores stock a wide variety of condoms and pregnancy tests, and September is the peak period for abortions as students eliminate pregnancies before going back to school. The dating situation in Taiwan is excellent for males.Neither sex will lack for attention, although most Western females will not like most Taiwanese males.Many local females don't either; there is a growing trend for Taiwanese females in their late 20s and early 30s to never marry.Cars fly every which way on a rainy street in a suburb.

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