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As of current chapters Imanity won back much of its lost land, said to have been the largest realm in Disboard before the war of the gods, in the process earning the allegiance of Warbeasts, Flügels, Dhampires and Seirenes under the banner of the Elchean Federation.

Volume 6 sheds more light as to their origins — they are not actually Exceeds at all, but a native species in Disboard, elevated to such a position due to the actions of Riku, Shu-Vi and Corone Dora which led to the birth of Tet, god of games.

Protagonist of Volume 6, who shares a strong resemblance to Sora, except for the white hair and red eyes.

Riku was the leader of a small colony of 2,000 Imanitians during the Great War that laid waste to Disboard 6,000 years ago, and is both the older stepbrother to Corone and husband to Shuvi, an Ex-Machina.

Created by the Old Deus, Kainasu, they are the seventh-ranking Exceed and one of the more magically-proficient races in Disboard, living in Elvengard, currently the largest territory in Disboard.

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), consisting of Sora and Shiro, Earthlings, stepsiblings and shut-ins disillusioned with modern society, who were eventually invited by Tet to Disboard."『 』" is always pronounced as "空白" ("kuuhaku"/"blank"), as in a literal blank space.

The sixteenth-ranking (as in dead last) Exceed, Imanity is Disboards' most human-like race.

Without magic or superpowers, they have become a dying race and culture, now reduced to the city-state of Elchea and its surrounding territories.

With Sora and Shiro's ascent to King/Queen of Elchea, they begin a campaign of reclaiming lost lands, while Stephanie handles bureaucratic affairs.

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