Dating sim witch spell

Although magic isn't a job skill, its benefits and abilities come predictably.

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Level 1 spells are at a witch's immediate disposal, either from when they're created in Create A Sim or converted through the Alchemy potion called Bottled Witches' Brew.

These spells have the lowest cost, and the lowest overall effect.

Play with Magic is not a spell per se, but is a self-interaction that will quickly gain your Sim's knowledge in magic.

The effect lasts about one Sim hour, during which your Sim will just wave his wand in the air as he practices making sparks and fireworks.

The Play with Magic command can be canceled anytime, and doesn't need to be brought to completion before helping out the Sim.

Conjure Apple is a self-interaction allowing you to create an apple from nothingness.

Alchemy also uses the Gardening skill, so if you're planning for your witch to also be an alchemist, conjuring apples will give you a head start on an early garden and some free fertilizer.

Note that if your Sim has the Evil trait, you'll conjure poison apples instead, which cannot be planted.

Level 2 comes pretty quickly after some practice with Level 1.

This is where you get your first taste at affecting other Sims.

Conversion Ritual is cast on a plantable object (fruits, vegetables, or seeds), and converts the object to a different type of thing.

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