Dating springfield armory model 1903a1

Metal finish may be worn in spots and minor pitting may be present.

dating springfield armory model 1903a1-82

This was commenced at Springfield Armory at approximately serial number 800,000 and at Rock Island Arsenal at exactly serial number 285,507.

All Springfields made after this change are commonly called “high number” rifles.

Those Springfields made before this change are commonly called “low-number” rifles.

Model 1892 (Krag), Model 1917 (Enfield) and all the Model 1903 (Springfield) series rifles, such as the M1903A3, 1903A4 and the rifles built by Rock Island, Remington and Smith Corona.

We are pleased to offer these rifles for sale exclusively to members of CMP affiliated organizations. All have been rebuilt at one time or another and should be considered “mix-masters” as they have parts from all manufacturers.

M1903 and M1903A3 “Springfield” rifles are the greatest of all U. The rifles continued to serve as ceremonial rifles by veterans’ organizations such as the VFW, AL, DAV and many others. This series of rifles was originally issued to the many proud and selfless Americans that answered freedom’s call during World War I, World War II, and the Korean War.These rifles are all returns from veterans’ organizations. Appearance and overall exterior condition varies from fair to good, except for the barrels.These rifles have been used for ceremonial purposes for decades and probably have fired thousands of blank rounds.Bores may be dark with little or no rifling, pitting, and rust.Wood is sound, but may have minor cracks, dents, scratches and gouges that do not affect function.

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