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The Sagittarius man’s vision of love is an interesting paradox: he wants a mate who makes him feel free. A jack-of-all-trades (and a master of one or two), he’s ravenous for knowledge and experiences.

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Sagittarius rules travel and the higher mind, and he’s always expanding his repertoire with books, classes, hobbies, friends, and globe-trotting.

This man must sow his oats before settling into a relationship.

Otherwise, he’ll always have one foot out the door, wondering “what if?

”Once he’s satisfied his adventure quota, the Sag man suddenly grows lonely exploring the world by himself.

Out of nowhere, he begins to crave a companion to join his eternal seeking.

Our Sagittarius friend Dan, a television producer, describes his own maturity as sudden and fast.“I just woke up and started going back over everything in my life, all my relationships and everything I’d done,” says Dan.“It happened in an instant.” At that point, his bachelorhood no longer becomes quite the prize it once was, and he yearns to share his life.The mature Sagittarius can make an excellent, though intense, partner.Only a well-ripened Sagittarius should be plucked off the vine, and he’s pretty much useless as a mate until then.Once he “grows up,” he’s like a kid with severe ADHD whose Ritalin suddenly kicks in.

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