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The tallest man I've ever had a relationship with was 6ft 4ins. As I said in another thread - it's what's IN his head, not how far from the floor his head IS, that matters.

I think, perhaps, that there may be other issues.........

I didnt think there would be any reason why women wouldnt want to date tall men but then Im 5'8" so the taller the better for me.

It would mean I could still wear heels and be be smaller than him and I'd feel very protected.

I suppose if a woman is really short it might feel a bit odd especially for the goodnight kiss.

I suppose its something that has never really occurred to me.

I am the other very tall fella (6ft 7)who would be most interested in womens views. I don't think we are asking about taller men than women in general, but more like 6ft 5 and over men who get the brush off because of height or whatever the reason is,please ladies,do tell ?

Would you date a guy 6ft 5 or over and if not why not?

I always thought it would be a huge advantage to be tall - its never occurred to me that it could be a problem for a guy, apart from the short trouser thing For a girl maybe - my daughter is 5'10" and she was always moaning that the men she fancied are too short for her.

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