Dating yamaha electric guitar

If you remove the four screws this plate comes off, you will then see the actual neck plate which has four larger screws holding the neck on. The black and silver areas that you see are actually the tops of the pickup bobbins themselves.

The neck plate has a rectangular "window" in it to allow you to access the truss rod through a hole through the body into the back of the neck (that's right, the truss is accessed through the back of the neck). The black and silver areas are covered by a domed clear plastic piece.

I took the guitar apart a few years ago to give it a good cleaning.

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The guitar's serial number is stamped directly into the fretboard between two of the lower frets.

- Yamaha was obviously proud of this guitar, and put their name and logo all over it.

Besides the Yamaha name on the tuning machines, it has the Yamaha decal and die cast logo on the headstock, the name and logo on the neck plate and the name and logo are molded into the bridge pickup ring between the two bridge pickups.

Yamaha, a company that is known for having an extensive broad range of products, from motorcycles to musical instruments, produces electric guitars models since 60's. In 1967, Yamaha have changed the series # from S to SG series.

Yamaha began using the "SG" (solid guitar) prefix for their solid bodied guitars when they introduced their first solid-body model in 1966 and continued using the SG prefix up until 1981.

There were three SG eras - the first era SGs, lasting from 1966 to 1971, saw guitars with double cut-away bodies with similar features to the Fender Jazzmaster.

These guitars had single digit suffixes - like SG-3, SG-5 and SG-7.

Features: - the round Yamaha logo on the headstock is not a decal, it's a die cast metal piece with chrome tuning forks (the Yamaha logo) raised above a black background.

You can turn it with your fingers on my guitar but it doesn't come off - you can also see in the picture that the Yamaha brand name appears on the neck plate.

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