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Combining rich tastes and flavors and the best products on the market, the Inbal Jerusalem Hotel offers you refined, contemporary dining opportunities, warm hospitality and unparalleled service.

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The Inbal hotel provides kosher food and culinary service that is first class, with an extravagant breakfast buffet, fine Italian Sofia restaurant, and splendid Shabbat and holiday meals.

The hotel’s fresh bread basket and delectable pastries, all made in-house, are probably the best in the city.

The Inbal’s Carmel Restaurant serves exquisitely prepared, traditional Shabbat meals − multi-course feasts with specialty entrees such as braised beef, goulash, roast chicken, Moroccan fish and cholent.

Indulge in festive, elaborate meals in a relaxed, elegant atmosphere and enjoy the special warmth and unique Jerusalem ambience of the Inbal’s Shabbat experience.

Celebrate a memorable Shabbat on Friday evening and Saturday lunch with a wide range of local and international dishes, and an array of scrumptious desserts that are as innovative as they are delicious.

The hotel’s first-class cuisine, outstanding personal service and special Shabbat feel combine to make a meal at the Inbal a relaxing, refreshing and truly delightful occasion.

The hotel is under Jerusalem Rabbinate Kashrut supervisionץ Breakfast on Shabat Opening Hours: am - am.

To make a reservation, email [email protected] call 972-2-675-6692.

Italy meets Jerusalem at the Inbal’s elegant Sofia restaurant.

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