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[quote]a 22 year old dating a 17 year old is hardly a pedo It's no pedo, but it is creepy IMO.17 is a typical age of a high school senior. Think about that relationship, most people would it very creepy.

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I watched maybe two episodes this season but couldn't bother any more. It could just be because he's British that he pings. But I think he's keen to have a career in the US, and he seems very adamant about insisting he is straight at every opportunity.

BTW, I just noticed the girl playing the intersex girl is intersex in real life as well. Well, Harry went on to play Magnus on Shadowhunter and got to kiss a guy, so Gregg will get there.

Harry also emphasizes he's a straight guy playing gay (to obsessed fangirls), but of course, he's married, so it doesn't sound as defensive.

I don't get the preoccupation with these straight twinks. Is it some fantasy you guys have of being teenagers again? What's the attraction here, he's so 'meh'.r23 You obviously don't know this but...16 is the most common age for one to "consent" to a sexual relationship. look at daley and that pro-safe sex bareback 40+ year old Boyfriend.

Dude is twice his lol, he sounds funny when he doesn't use an american accent.

I'm surprised no one has mentioned how he used the n-word on his snap chat, and then rather than just apologize he claimed his phone was "hacked".

A lot of people were laughing at him over that, it was so damn stupid.[quote]How do you all even know who this guy is?

Are DLers really watching TV shows meant for children on the Disney Channel?

I've noticed a few recent posts saying people who like Sulkin are pedos which is totally ridiculous. I first saw him in Faking It and he was already 22 when they started filming it.

Gregg Sulkin is very aware of his image and spends a lot of time marketing himself online to his fangirls.

He's also hoping to have a bigger career in Hollywood, so I don't think he wants to come out anytime soon.

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