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Devon Murray (27), who played the role of Seamus Finnigan in the series, also denied he had never told lawyers who represented for the family until this week about his dissatisfaction with the service being provided by Neil Brooks, trading as Neil Brooks Management, or that the first time it was mentioned was when he came to court.

Mr Murray was being cross-examined in an action by Mr Brooks for recovery of €286,000 in commission fees he says he is owed by the Murrays who deny his claims.

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Mr Brooks said he was in South Africa at the time helping his seriously ill sister.

Mr Brooks also said the incident over the smoking was the responsibility of his guardian and asked "what could I have done".

He said the Murrays were unhappy with the arrangements while Devon stayed in London during filming, including wanting an apartment rather than the five-star hotel he was in so his mother could cook for the boy and having his own driver to take him to the set as other child actors got.

Mr Brooks said he provided the apartment and that Devon wanted to be driven in a Lexus.

Mrs Murray denied this and said Devon was a boy obsessed with cars and all he had said was he would love to ride in a Lexus.

Mr Brooks said he arranged an Irish teacher as part of Devon's schooling while filming but this was turned down.

Mrs Murray disputed this and said there was no teacher after the first year.

When Devon said he wanted his own sound system for his dressing room, Mr Brooks said he did not agree he should have a "boom box" as it would cause a disturbance for the other actors.

Mr Brooks was being cross-examined by Mrs Murray because last Tuesday, solicitors for the family asked to cease representing them because they could not get proper instructions and funds for barristers. Devon Murray told the court that in the early days he had a bond with Mr Brooks because he was away so much and did not get to see his own dad.

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