Did simon dating paula

Ryan Seacrest will obviously officiate because…well…that is what Ryan Seacrest does.

What about “The Dog” Randy Jackson…best man, maybe? I have dibs on Paula Deen doing it, served with a side of Novo Nordisk.

The X Factor supremo, 52, met Miss Junqueira, 41, as he enjoyed a Christmas break in the Caribbean – and the couple were seen looking cosy following dinner at Cowell’s favourite London restaurant Mr Chow’s this week.

Did simon dating paula dating kp st lady z

The responsibility is on each one of us, and the sincere reflection of what we want, we must make a reality.

series finale on Thursday (April 7) at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood.

The 56-year-old former judge stepped out to reunite the original panel with Paula Abdul and Randy Jackson.

I’m not one to gossip, or to fling rumors out there but, with the recent news of Paula Abdul’s breakup with Jeff Bratton, along with word that Simon Cowell is cooling it with his girlfriend Mezhgan Hussainy, I do have to wonder if we’ll be soon hearing that Simon and Paula are dating.

We’ve all seen the sexual tension between Simon and Paula (which Simon himself has admitted to), regardless of the fact that the first two years of their relationship was rocky.

Yes, they may not have been able to fly on the same plane together because they disliked each other so much, but haven’t we seen enough chick flicks, and watched enough young boys pull the pigtails of the girls they like, to know that the best romances always seem to start out this way.Regardless of whether or not my speculation is a hunch, what this style expert is more interested in is if they do wind up getting married, what will they wear and what will the wedding look like?Will Simon finally give up his trademark black t-shirt and middle hair part (my husband believes that no man with a middle part should be trusted) for love?Will he just wear a tuxedo t-shirt for the wedding and call it a day?Given how over the top Paula’s looks have been, how quirky will Paula’s wedding dress be?Will she go for a retro early 90’s look that is trending so heavily right now, also reminiscent of the first time she was in the spotlight? A balad of Forever Your Girl performed by Susan Boyle?

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