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The ACCPA is currently reviewing well-qualified candidates for our head of chapter in Djibouti.

Suitable candidates have been contacted and their information will be made available here once their position is confirmed. Candidates for the ACCPA Certification Exam in Djibouti can take the examination in both electronic and paper format.

Candidates who opt for the electronic format can take the test either online from their personal computer or from a computer at our designated testing center at the University of Djibouti, Djibouti.

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Candidates who opt for the paper-format test must arrange to take the test in-person at our designated testing center at the University of Djibouti.

The paper-format test can only be taken at our testing center.1).

The first step in preparing for the ACCPA Exam is to obtain your candidate number.

You can obtain your candidate number by registering to become a member of ACCPA as your membership number is also your candidate number.2).

The second step is to obtain your copy of the ACCPA Candidate Guidebook.

You can purchase the guidebook online from our website or in-person from your local chapter.

The guidebook comes with your candidate number on it so only you can use it.3).

The third step is to study for the exam using the guidebook.

The guidebook contains all the information you will need to pass the exam.

You have up to one year from the date of purchase to prepare and take the exam.4) The fourth step is to schedule a date to take the exam if you opted for the paper format test or the online test at our testing center.

You can schedule a date to take the test at the testing center by emailing 5).

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