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Install a Minecraft modding application programming interface, or API, first, then download mods to a computer and copy the mods folders into the Minecraft application folder.

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Does updating minecraft delete mods

The game cannot support two different modding APIs, so choose one and only download mods compatible with the selected API.

Step 1: Downloading compatible mods Download a Forge or Modloader-compatible Minecraft mod to the computer.

Look for mod download links on Minecraft mod websites and Minecraft forums.

All Minecraft mods should have or as the file type.

Save the file to the computer instead of simply opening the file.

Step 2: Opening Minecraft folder Open the Minecraft application folder on the computer.

Type Minecraft into the search feature on a PC or Mac to help find the folder.

Step 3: Copying to folder Click and hold the mod folder from the download location.

Drag it to the Minecraft application folder and release the mouse to move the file into the Minecraft folder.

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