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What made me go WTF was not the pictures of two guys looking close, it was the fact that Siwon who has publicly stated his stance against homosexual relationships, posted the picture.

I find it insulting, as if being attracted to the same sex is something to mock. Do you find it offensive or is this the rambling rant of LGBT supporter?

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Kim Sung-soo ( Nabi’s character is as foul-mouthed and foul-tempered as starlets come, and is more famous for her fashion sense than for her onscreen talent.

In fact, she’s known for her particularly bad acting, illustrated by the hilarious collection of stills down below of Nabi playing all sorts of different drama characters all with the exact same facial expression.

It’s extra funny because Yeom Jung-ah, of course, is friggin’ amazing.

The writers of Seoulbeats have written extensively on the nature of shipping and homophobia in K-Pop.

Homophobia is not only an issue that plagues Korea but around the world, even in the United States legalizing civil unions for homosexual couples is an uphill battle and there are a lot of people who still believe that homosexuality is a sin, regardless of the fact that it is not a choice.

Choi Siwon of Super Junior, known for his devout beliefs regarding Christianity, had vocalized his own beliefs about this issue in the Yale Globalist. But Siwon, along with rest of Super Junior, is known for their yaoi fanservice.

While I roll my eyes and move on with my life, I have always been irked with his double standards.

Then just recently Siwon tweeted pictures of Kyuhyun and him being close – really close.

His tweet and those pictures alluded to a romantic relationship, even if they are nothing more than close friends. No seriously, you have the straight up audacity to call homosexuality a sin and you turn around and do this?

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