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Hash III–right down to the smartly pressed suit, dashing necktie, and sensible horn-rims. ) would have it, no one witnesses this astonishing feat of shapeshifting.And in a serendipitous twist of fate (luck’s fickle cousin), the genuine Bob T.Hash III–having apparently absconded to Acapulco with his charming assistant–is conveniently AWOL. But when, having taken the reins as CEO of the Acme International Institute of Languages, he stumbles upon a heinous act of corporate (and grammatical) sabotage, Comenius begins to suspect he’s being stalked–by himself–and it suddenly looks as if his best laid plans might just be heading south.

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Think Borges, deconstructed by Lewis Carroll and reassembled with spare parts scavenged from The New Yorker and MAD.

Analogies abound, yet nothing can truly compare to the comic broadsides, dazzling wordplay, cheeky wit, and wholly original flights of imagination working their magic in David Deans’s inventive new novel.

Next comes another word that really is in danger of falling off the linguistic map, conveniently eponymized in: The Somnambulist by Johnathan Barnes With a tale of magic, performance, mystery, and sleepwalking, Johnathan Barnes’ promises an interesting adventure.

Salutations and welcome back to the Friday Fiction Feature.

Tabatha here once again to share more adventures in teaching.

It seems one primary goal of college freshmen is to make their instructor feel old (and is the realization that we speak a different language.A student recently explained that words I thought were only underused (read: too long for twitter) are in fact dead language.So today, I am out to refute the assertion with titles fraught with just the scarce wordage which have erroneously been designated as jargon.______________________________________________________________ The Defenestration of Bob T. Hash III: A Novel by David Deans The first title on the list has it all, metamorphosis, avian infidelity, and of course one of my favorite words in In a picture-postcard town, in the sunny suburban home of Bob T.Hash III, something altogether strange and amazing has occurred: An African gray parrot (and beloved pet) named Comenius has suddenly and unexpectedly transformed into a man.It seems this unassuming exotic bird, heretofore content to mind its own business, has miraculously metamorphosed into the spitting image of his unsuspecting master, Bob T.

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