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They populate Odessa’s numerous terrace cafés, stroll in hordes through its parks, and fill the plush velvet seats of its 19th century opera house.

Some of them venture in a bar called Captain Morgan’s, but they don’t usually hit the normal nightlife venues.

As for the Odessan girls, they seem normal to me (by Ukrainian standards). Ukrainian women are most adept at male mineral extraction, so when you toss in men who don’t know any better, you know that large sums of money are being tossed into the ether.

Their idealistic wife search turns into an impoverishing death spiral.

These bride hunters also have a faulty belief, along with many feminists, that quality women are just begging to come to a dying America.

While many do have fantasies of living in the USA, not one quality woman I’ve dated in Ukraine has even hinted to me that she wants to settle in the USA.

Moving to the USA is a desperation move that happens to older women (28+) who for whatever reason has lost hope that they will ever get married in Ukraine.In other words, moving to America is not their first choice.Unless the girl is busted and overweight, it never is.“Everything is possible; there are women who genuinely want to meet a man and emigrate,” says a foreigner living in Odessa who is well acquainted with the dating industry. But there are very few of them in Odessa, these days.Especially those who would be willing to marry a man in his sixties or seventies.They love Odessa, and they can make good money scamming these idiots.

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